Family Escapade: A 6-Night Sicilian Adventure for All Ages

7 days

Family Escapade: A 6-Night Sicilian Adventure for All Ages
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West Sicily's vibrant heartbeat, secret alleyways whispering stories, and the timeless whispers of ancient temples.⏳ This 7-day adventure ✈️ ditches the tourist traps, plunging you into Sicily's authentic soul. ✨


  • ️‍Skip the crowds: Explore hidden gems with our local storytellers, from Palermo's backstreets to Marsala's off-the-beaten-path charm.
  • Authentic flavors: Savor traditional aperitivos with locals, indulge in farm-to-table lunches, and enjoy winery delights – all included!
  • ️ Timeless tales: Journey through historic mansions, marvel at the UNESCO Valley of Temples, and let ancient stones whisper their secrets.
  • Relaxation awaits: Unwind in a charming boutique hotel in Palermo and a beautiful spa hotel in Marsala. Private transfers and our friendly staff are always at your disposal.
  • Flexibility is our promise: Swap experiences, linger longer, or simply relax – we tailor the adventure to your desires.


  • ✈️ Day 1: Arrive in Palermo, settle into your boutique haven, and embark on an insider's tour with an aperitivo.
  • ‍♀️ Day 2: Explore Palermo's hidden gems, savor a delicious lunch, and enjoy free time.
  • ⏳ Day 3: Travel through time in historic mansions, followed by a creative, locally-sourced dinner.
  • Day 4: Arrive in Marsala, check into your Spa hotel, and discover the city's rich history.
  • ️ Day 5: Journey to the Valley of Temples, enjoy a panoramic lunch, and relax at your leisure.
  • Day 6: Immerse yourself in an organic farm experience, enjoy a winery lunch, and unwind in the spa.
  • ✈️ Day 7: Depart with unforgettable memories, warmth in your heart, and the magic of Sicily forever etched in your soul.

Ready to craft your story? Book your odyssey and embark on a journey where every moment is an authentic Sicilian chapter. ✨


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