Private Palermo Street Food Tour with a Foodie

3 hours

Private Palermo Street Food Tour with a Foodie
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Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Palermo's street food markets, where a world of flavors awaits, inviting you on a gastronomic exploration like no other.

Highlights of Your Experience:

🍽️ Curated Lunch or dinner Extravaganza: Embark on a culinary odyssey across multiple locations, carefully curated to showcase the diverse and mouthwatering dishes that define Palermo's rich gastronomic landscape.

🌮 Savor Palermitano Delights: Sample a variety of authentic Palermitano dishes, each prepared with a unique blend of local ingredients and culinary expertise. From savory arancini, seafood specialties, unique sweets let your taste buds dance in delight.

👩‍🍳 Local Insight with Upstays Guide: Your knowledgeable local guide from Upstays will be your culinary companion, offering insights into the traditions, stories, and secrets behind each dish. Discover the intricacies of Palermo's food culture as you stroll through bustling markets and hidden gems.

🍷 Complimentary Beverages: Enjoy a refreshing experience with complimentary water, wine, and/or beer thoughtfully included during the tour, enhancing your journey with every sip.

Your expert guide from Upstays will lead you through the labyrinthine streets, unveiling the culinary treasures of Palermo. Each venue visited promises a unique, mouthwatering revelation, creating memories that will linger long after the tour concludes.

Enjoy family fun without extra costs! Children aged 0 to 12 can join for free when accompanied by a minimum of 2 paying adults.


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