Sicily, the garden of Bacchus

Discover the evolution of Marsala wine, one of the most famous products of the island's winemaking heritage, as well as other high-quality wines in Sicily

      Sicily is a wine lover's paradise, with a rich history and a vibrant contemporary scene.


    Marsala wine is one of the most famous products of the island's winemaking heritage. This wine has a fascinating evolution that started in the late 18th century, when the English merchant John Woodhouse discovered the unique flavor that came from adding grape spirit to local wines. Since then, Marsala wine has become an icon of the Sicilian winemaking tradition.


   Over the years, the production of Marsala wine has gone through several changes, both in terms of techniques and regulations. Today, it is produced in different styles, ranging from dry to sweet, and with a wide range of aging periods. The result is a complex and versatile wine that can be paired with a variety of foods or enjoyed on its own.

   However, Marsala is not the only wine produced in Sicily. In recent years, small cellars have been popping up all over the island, producing high-quality wines that express the unique character of the local terroir. These wines are made with traditional techniques, and often with native grape varieties that are not found anywhere else in the world.



     Some of the best Sicilian wines in 2023 include:
Nero d'Avola:
This red wine is made with one of Sicily's most important grape varieties, and it is known for its full body, rich flavor, and dark color.
This white wine is made with the grape variety of the same name and is characterized by its floral and fruity aroma, balanced acidity, and mineral notes.
Etna Rosso:
This red wine is made on the slopes of Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. It is made with a blend of local grape varieties and has a complex flavor that reflects the volcanic soil.
This red wine is made with a grape variety that is native to Sicily and is known for its light body, fresh acidity, and fruity aroma.


Overall, Sicilian wine is a treasure trove of flavors and aromas, with a history that spans centuries and a vibrant contemporary scene. From Marsala wine to the small cellars producing high-quality wines, there is something for every wine lover to discover on this beautiful island.

For those who arrive in Palermo and do not want to face a two and a half hour drive to reach the slopes of of Mount Etna (a separate trip), the wineries in the Trapanese and Agrigento areas are a valid alternative. All more or less an hour's drive from the island's capital, and all cloaked in an old-world charm but with excellent services.ancient charm.
In short, to discover the kingdom of Bacchus in Sicily, you will be spoilt for choice. And if you don't know where to start,

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