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Welcome to UpStays, your trusted partner for extraordinary travel experiences in Sicily!

Our carefully crafted experiences showcase the best of Sicily, combining local charm with global standards of luxury and service.

We take pride in offering our Signature Daily Tours from the main Sicilian destinations, providing a snapshot of the region's treasures.

Additionally, indulge in our Multi-Days tours ranging from 2 to 12 nights, allowing for a more in-depth exploration of Sicily's wonders.


Luxury Redefined, Sicily Rediscovered – UpStays Style

Meet Davide, Our Visionary CEO with a decade of international experience in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Davide's deep connection to Sicily, coupled with his extensive expertise, fuels our commitment to delivering extraordinary travel experiences.

Fostering Education in Tourism

     The collaboration between Upstays tour operator and universities  brings many benefits for both parties, including opportunities for students and faculty to gain new skills, expand their knowledge and perspectives, and connect with people and cultures around the world.

     We collaborate with Universities to develop the best competences for the future Tourism Operators in Italy as we work with Roma Tre University, Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna and Palermo University for research projects, seminars and internships.

Meet our Local Upstays Guides

Behind the historical, artistic and cultural skills there are always people.

Upstays Tour Operator invests and believes in the human side of hospitality: the ability to get in tune with each of you, indulging the different curiositioes, passions and inclinations.



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